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CREATIONS believes that people are a company’s most important asset A company’s sustained survival and growth depends on the people it employs Recruitment is thus amongst the most critical decisions a company has to make. Thus, CREATIONS places great emphasis in the quality, Attitude and skills of the candidates we offer to our clients
CREATIONS specialize in the provision of the following professional services.
» Selection & Recruitment
» Head hunting
» Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
» Corporate training
Selection & Recruitment
We will gather Client’s current requirement and forecast future requirements.
We select candidates with recognized university certificates and a minimum of 2 to 3 years working experience in the relevant fields based on the Client’s requirement, even we select fresh candidates based on caliber.
The resumes are sent to the top management for another round of professional screening. Only candidates with the relevant skill sets required as per the requirements given will be selected for an in-depth interview.
Candidates are put through a written test for both then technical and communication (English) skills. A confidential personality profile test will be carried out.
Only candidates that pass through the above tests are granted a face-to-face interview with our Clients. An in-depth technical interview will be carried out by our trained professional to assess the candidate’s relevant skills, qualifications, communication skills, working attitude, turnout, personal hygiene etc.
Only the candidates whom have passed through the above tests, interviews, assessments and verifications will be included in our professional pool. All other candidates will be rejected and excluded from our list.
Head hunting
The most general approach adopted by the recruiting agents in India is to release newspaper advertisements for candidate sourcing. This method carriers an inherent risk : 'the right man may not even apply'.
Secondly, the 'Right' person whom you are looking for may not go through Recruitment Advertisements. The 'Right' person, whom you are looking for is happy with his present, steady job where he is already leading a good life.
Creation’s Head Hunters come into the picture at this juncture.Creations recruits senior management exclusively for the Emerging Technologies market sectors. As we're specialists we understand the market, the companies and have the extensive contacts you need.
Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust Creations, because we deliver more than we promise.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
BPO includes various processing services which a Service Provider provides its clients. The services offered are:
Finance – this covers billing services, accounting transactions, tax consulting and compliance, risk management, financial reporting and financial analysis.
Payment services – these include credit/debit card services, cheque processing, transaction processing.
Administration – This covers tax processing, claims processing, asset management, document management, transcription and translation.
Customer care - this includes database marketing, customer analytics, telesales/telemarketing, inbound call centers, Web sales and marketing, sales and marketing administration.
Human resource – sareas such as administration, education and training, recruiting and staffing, payroll services, hiring administration, records management are covered here.
Content development – this area includes engineering, design, animation, network consultancy and management and biotech research.
Corporate training
The Facts
Large number of employee turnover resulting in spending of huge amounts for repeated Recruitment process
Loss of time and effort
Performance and Productivity of employees not up to the mark.
The need for effective training is now a necessity

The solution is simple……..
Regular and Effective Manpower training to develop and polish the skills of the employees and to transform them to a highly motivated, satisfied and productive team.

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